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Thank you!

Your booking has been submitted. I will review your answers and send a confirmation email soon.I look forward to meeting with you and seeing how we can work together.For now, check out my Newsletter.


How long will the call take?

30 minutes. We will go over your questions. I will share insights with you on areas that can be optimized to better leverage your email marketing for more leads and revenue.The more I know about your business, the problems you face, and the "tomorrow" you're looking to arrive at, the better equipped I'll be to prescribe the best path to get there.

What happens after the call?

Our upcoming meeting will take about 30 minutes, and here’s what we’ll discussing:

I want to get a deep dive into understanding your current email marketing strategies and what you would like help with.

Below each project is an underlying business problem that necessitated the project. I understand that you aren’t just looking for quick fix. Instead, there’s a root cause that is affecting your business in the long term with generating more leads and profit.

Your solution is the absence of the problem you’re currently experiencing. By understanding the solution and relating it to the problem behind your project, we’ll be better able to create the “bridge” that links the two together.

I only want to take on projects where I'm an investment for your business, and yields a return-on-investment for you. We’ll briefly overview the goals you have with this project so that we can determine whether the payoff will ultimately outweigh your costs.

How does support work with your services?

I provide unlimited support. However, I will only respond to one email and message a day. However, feel free to send as many questions as you like. I'm happy to answer any questions you have.I can't wait for our chat.Talk soon,